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PHD-XF Kit for Epson heads
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PHD-XF Kit for Epson heads

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PHD-XF (PHD eXpress Flush) kit, with 36ml of fluid, single use, for cleaning Epson print heads.

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PHD-XF kit includes the PHD-XF 2-component fluid and 8 empty syringes and it's enough to clean 2-3 Epson print heads. It works with any ink type: water-based, solvent, or UV curable. The kit set contains 30ml + 6ml of fluid that must be mixed and then injected into a print head. If you are working with eco-solvent or UV inks, we recommend getting a bottle of 1DX fluid and DX-B (eco-solvent) or DX-C (UV) as well.  

It works best with the print heads that have more than 50% of good nozzles. 


  • If your inks are UV curable or eco-solvent, push 3ml of fluid 1DX into each port of your Epson head, using one of the syringes provided. This will flush the ink out, which otherwise may react with the syringe fluid.  If your inks are water-based, use a distilled water instead (not included in the kit).
  • The mix ratio of the fluids is 1:5
  • Connect the tube to the big syringe and pull some fluid from the 30ml bottle into it.
  • Connect the big and small syringes to each other using a fitting provided.
  • Push the contents of the small syringe into the big one, with a ratio of 1:5. If you have 10ml in the big one, push 2ml of the small one.
  • Disconnect the syringes.
  • Make sure you have at least 2ml of air in the big syringe. 
  • Cap the big syringe and shake it to mix the fluids together.
  • Distribute the fluid among 8 small syringes (2ml per each one).
  • Connect each of the smaller syringes to the inputs of your print head and inject all fluid into it.
  • Wait at least 1 hour. 
  • Purge the PHD-XF fluid out of the print head using a syringe with the flushing solution that comes with your inks.


  • Wear goggles when working with this product.
  • Wear rubber gloves.
  • Do not inhale vapours.
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