DX-B Recovery Solution for Eco-Solvent Epson Heads
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DX-B Recovery Solution for Eco-Solvent Epson Heads

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DX-B was designed to unclog solvent and eco-solvent print heads. It contains more aggressive chemicals compared to DX-A. It shouldn't be left inside a print head for more than 1 hour, but you can soak the nozzle plate with it for several hours.

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  • Advanced chemistry formulated specifically for unclogging Epson heads.
  • Safe for print heads.
  • Can be used with PHD-LE kits, a PHD machine or even with just a syringe.
  • A great solution for soaking clogged print heads.
  • Works with eco-solvent and solvent heads.

Note: if you have older DX4 or DX5 print heads from water-based machines, it is recommended to test if the plastic manifold on your print head is chemically resistant to the DX fluids. Just put a drop of fluid on the plastic surface, wait a minute and wipe it off with a white cloth. If the cloth remains white, the plastic is OK. If you see some streaks on the cloth, then the plastic isn't compatible with the fluid.

Print Head Soaking Instructions

Do not remove your print head from the printer. 

  • Turn the printer off. 
  • Move the carriage to the middle of the print area by hand. If your printer doesn't allow that, you may need to use the printer menu to move it out of the capping station, and then turn the power off. 
  • Pour some DX-B into the cap of the capping station. The fluid must form a meniscus over it. 
  • Move the carriage back into the capping position by hand. The capping station must come up and the cap must be pushed against the print head. 
  • Leave it like that for several hours. 
  • Turn the printer on and run a head cleaning cycle.
  • Test the nozzles. 
  • Repeat soaking if some nozzles remain clogged.
  • Soak time may be increased to 24 hours.

If after soaking 2-3 times you still have some bad nozzles, follow these instructions.

  • Remove the dampers form your print head.
  • Carefully and slowly push the fluid DX-B into each ink inlet on the print head. 
  • Leave it soaking as described above, for a few hours. 
  • Move the carriage into the middle by hand. 
  • Use a syringe to pull the fluid out of each ink port.
  • Reconnect the dampers.
  • Park the carriage.
  • Turn the printer on, run a head cleaning and test the nozzles. 
  • Repeat these steps up to 5 times, if there are still blocked nozzles.

If the print head still remains partially blocked, you can add 20% of pure acetone by volume in the DX-B and repeat all steps with the syringe. 

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