Printer Recovery

Seiko 64s / HP9000s / Oce 6060 solvent printer recovery kits

We can help you recover your Seiko/Oce/HP solvent printer clogged with a dried ink. We provide:

  • Print head cleaning service.
  • Pump tubing restoration or replacement.
  • Print head alignment tool to re-align print heads after cleaning.
  • Flushing cartridges to flush the entire ink delivery system of your printer.
  • Ink cartridges to get your printer back online and printing like never before.

How it works:

  • Purchase the required package online.
  • Ship us the print heads and the pump tubing that you need to have cleaned.
  • After we've received your parcel, we will clean your print heads and restore or replace the pump tubing. This takes no more than 3 business days.
  • Print heads will be sent to you along with the other items in the package. UPS worldwide freight is on us.
  • We will provide you technical support via telephone, Skype or email, in getting your printer back online and printing.

How successful is our print head cleaning?
If you have been using only the OEM ink in your printer, the success rate of our print head cleaning is 95%. For aftermarket inks, especially when two brands of ink were mixed without flushing of the printer, the success rate is down to 60%.

What is considered succesfful cleaning?
99% of nozzles must be open. When pushing the flushing solvent through the print head, the nozzles must form a uniform curtain of jets.

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