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Print Head Doctor 13
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Print Head Doctor 13

Score: 4.67 (votes: 3)

Print Head Doctor 13 is the ultimate recovery system for all kinds of solvent, eco-solvent, water-based and UV print heads.

  • $3,570.00 USD

This model is a high-pressure version of model 12. It's equipped with an "indestructible" Swiss-made KNF pump as well as a dedicated vacuum pump to take advantage of the Sonic RF Caps.

Advantages of Print Head Doctor 13:

  • High pressure of 25 psi makes the reverse flushing very effective.
  • Complete control of the machine from Android devices.
  • Automatic pressure control with the digital pressure readout.
  • Fluid cooling with the temperature control.
  • Capable of doing forward, reverse and thru-head flushing of print heads, with or without Reverse Flushing Caps.
  • It has dedicated vacuum pumps that allow Vacuum-Assisted Forward Flushing using Sonic RF Caps, as well as the reverse flushing. The forward pressure can be reduced which makes the recovery process safer for the print heads, while more effective at the same time.
  • Digital pressure sensor for monitoring and controlling the print head pressure.
  • Two gauges for monitoring vacuum in the RF cap and in the first stage filters.
  • The new set of pumps provides sufficient flow even for print heads with a great number of nozzles and allows cleaning two heads simultaneously.
  • Fine-tuned recovery cycles accommodate various degrees of clogging, types of print heads and inks.
  • New design allows ease of service of the main filter and the pumps because they are made as plug-in modules. It takes less than a minute to replace them and you don't need any tools.
  • First stage filters are conveniently located on the side wall and can be replaced in seconds.
  • Dual first-stage filters and intake tubes for higher fluid flow rate and longer period between changing filters.
  • Rugged housing with all components built-in.
  • Reliable electronic module with a digital indicator of the cycle number and remaining time in minutes.
  • All solvent-proof materials.
    • Weight
      26.0000 lbs
    • SKU
  • Ultrasonic Tank
    Standard: 40 kHz, fixed power 50W, Advanced: 75 kHz, variable power 12-50W
  • Pump Configuration
    Default: 1 High Performance Pump, 2 Standard Pumps, High Performance Pumps (3)
  • Pro Panel (L or XL tank required)
    None, 8A (8 ports + air, L tank needed)
  • Air Valve (touchscreen, L tank and Pro panel required)
    No, Yes
  • Touchscreen + Vacuum Sensor
    No, Yes
  • Android Device
    No, Yes
  • Wireless Charger
    No, Yes
  • Voltage
    110V, 220V
  • Tank size
    Default (0.7L), Large (1.3L), Extra Large (2.2L) - for big printheads
  • Adapter 1:
    Please select, Epson DX7, Seiko IRH2513, Vutek 3300 / 5300 (L tank needed), Ricoh Gen5, Ricoh Gen4, Ricoh/Hitachi Gen3, Xaar 1001, Xaar 500, Xaar Proton, Xaar 128 (Arizona), Xaar 128, Toshiba Tec, Inca Spyder, Inca Onset, HP Aprion (XL tank needed), Brother GT-541/782, Durst Quadro Array, Kyocera KJ4A/B (XL tank needed), HP LX610 (XL tank needed), HP Z6100, HP5500, HP X2, Canon IP3680, Canon PF-03, Vutek 5300/3300 (L tank needed), Vutek 2360 Transitional, Vutek 2360, Konica-Minolta KM256, Konica-Minolta KM512, Epson GS6000 (L tank needed), Epson 2200, Epson T1100, Epson TFP (L tank needed), Epson DX6, Epson DX5, Epson DX4, Epson DX3, Epson DX2, Konica-Minolta KM1024, Seiko SPT255, Vutek 3360 / PV200, Spectra Polaris (L tank needed), Spectra Q-Class, Spectra Galaxy Piezo Module, Spectra Nova Piezo Module, Spectra Nova / Galaxy, Spectra S-class, Seiko SPT1020, Seiko SPT508 / Vutek GS, Seiko SPT510 / Vutek QS, Seiko RC1536 (XL tank needed), Objet Gen3, Objet Desktop Gen3, Objet Gen4L
  • Adapter 2:
    None, Dust Quadro Array, Kyocera KJ4A/B (XL tank needed), Seiko SPT255, Seiko SPT510, Seiko SPT508 / Vutek GS, Seiko SPT1020, Hitachi/Ricoh Gen3, Ricoh Gen4, Ricoh Gen5, Toshiba Tec, Xaar 128/126, Xaar 500, Xaar 1001, Inca Spyder, Inca Onset, Vutek 3300/5300 (L tank needed), Vutek 3360, PV200/600, Epson DX4, Epson DX5, Epson DX6, Epson DX7, Epson TFP (L tank needed), Konica-Minolta KM512, Konica-Minolta KM256, Konica-Minolta KM1024, Spectra S-class, Spectra Q-Class, Spectra Polaris (L tank needed), Spectra Nova/Galaxy, Spectra Nova Piezo Module, Spectra Galaxy Piezo Module, Vutek 2360/5330, Canon PF-03
  • Fluids set:
    Please select, Solvent based: 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, UV Curable: 2UV, 4UV, R-UV, Eco-solvent Epson: 1DX, DX-B, 4DX, Water based: 2W, 3W, 4W, Extended solvent: 1X, X-B, 4X, 5X, Extended UV: 4UV, R-UV, 7UV, 9UV, 10UV, Extended Eco-solvent: 1DX, DX-A, DX-B, 4DX, 5DX, Advanced UV set: R-UV, 4UV, 7UV, 9UV
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