Ink chips

Chips that make it possible to use alternative inks on printers such as Seiko, Mimaki, HP, Roland and Mutoh.
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RC_Mutoh Recharge Credit for Mutoh Smart Cards
  • $7.50
Mimaki_Chip_P Chip for Mimaki, pre-progammed
  • $18.00
Mimaki_Perm_Chip Permanent Chip for Mimaki
  • $195.00
HP9CHIP Chip for HP9000s and HP10000s
  • $18.00
S64CHIP Chip for Seiko Colorpainter 64s, 100s and Oce CS6060
  • $18.00
HP9CHIP_C Chip for HP9000s and HP10000s, Loaded with Color Data
  • $28.00
S64CHIP_C Chip for Seiko Colorpainter 64s & Colorpainter 100s Loaded with Color Data
  • $28.00
smartcard_charger Smartcard recharge kit for Mutoh printers
  • $490.00
Mutoh_SCARD Mutoh Smart Card, pre-charged
  • $15.00
Items: 19 of 16, per page