Mutoh Ink Cartridges

All of DST Mutoh eco Ultra Compatible inks has been designed to meet the highest standard of quality, offering a complete match to the original OEM ink color and performance of your Mutoh printer. Mutoh printers have a strong reputation in specialty markets, and Mutoh inks are known to deliver superior quality prints. We guarantee that our alternative Mutoh VJ inks are equally reliable, offering top notch quality prints every time. You won't find a better deal on quality Mutoh compatible ink anywhere!

  • Fully compatible with Mutoh Eco Ultra eco-solvent ink.
  • 100% color match guaranteed. Use the original ICC profiles.
  • Plug-and-play. No ink line flushing is required.
  • Same outdoor stability, scratch resistance and adhesion to media as the OEM.
  • Fully degassed cartridges work flawlessly at any print modes, without any nozzle drop-outs, banding or color shifts.
  • Your print heads will last longer with DST's ink.


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