Ink Degassing

We offer ink degassing solutions that boost the performance of your printer equipped with the bulk system. Forget about banding, color shifts, wasted media and ink. The air-free ink works just as good as the OEM cartridges, sometimes even surpassing them. Fully degassed ink works with an amazing stability. Nozzles don't drop out, resulting in a consistently high print quality, less wasted ink due to head recovery, less wasted media. Fast printers such as Mimaki JV5, JV33, CJV30, Mutoh with DX5 print heads simply won't work with non-degassed ink. That's why all third party bulk systems failed so miserably on these printers. We are offering the degassing technology found only on industrial grand-format UV printers.
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  • Degassing kit for Seiko Colorpainter 64s and HP9000s/HP10000s (to be used with a bulk system)

    • $2,100.00

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  • Ink degasser for 8-channel bulk systems. Can be used on Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and any other inkjet printer equipped with a bulk system.

    • $3,500.00

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